Rusty Shipp

Ahoy, mates!

For those of you that don't know us, we in Rusty Shipp are a Nautical Rock'n'Roll band from Nashville, TN. Our mission is to make thought-provoking music that is as creative and catchy as the rock legends. After the success of our debut album, "Mortal Ghost," we wanted to set the bar higher for our follow-up and do something even more ambitious and creative: our first story-based, concept record! We hope that you'll join our Crew as we embark on this brand new voyage and be part of the creative process from the very beginning! Beyond just the record itself, there are plenty of other fun things you can order, all of which help fund the expenses of making this and getting it out to all of you!

Operation: Liquid Exorcist

Back in April, I (Russ T. Shipp) went on my annual retreat to a monastery, but unlike years before where I retreated in pursuit of realigning myself with my life's purpose, this year I had a new objective: Create the concept for a musical project more ambitious and creative than "Mortal Ghost." This goal was made more challenging by the fact that my band Rusty Shipp's previous release, "Mortal Ghost," had gone on to win an award for Album of the Year on, among other prestigious accolades. But after 3 days of silent meditation, writing every Nautical Rock'n'Roll idea I could muster, it was right before I left to go back home to Nashville, within the last hour, that the concept I was looking for suddenly struck me:
"Liquid Exorcist."

To live up to the goal of making something "more ambitious and creative" than our last album, we decided to make our first full-on concept record with all the tracks painting a picture of a chronological story. The story of Liquid Exorcist follows an evil organization that has laced the ocean with a hundred sea mines, causing war with their enemies and innocent sea-dwellers alike. Long after the war, the mines remain adrift in the ocean awaiting collision with innocent passersby. This underwater setting of the story is where the term "liquid" comes into play, and the sea mines are like a kind of "exorcist"--explosively casting out the spirits of anyone who collides with them. This metaphor of "exorcism," i.e., the casting out of a spirit from the body, is a theme that appears in every song on this record, reflecting the different experiences of the souls affected by this marine warfare.  

For this new EP we're really drawing out the ingredients of our staple "Nautical Rock'n'Roll" sound in bold and experimental ways, to tell the story of Liquid Exorcist. While progressing the sounds of this new genre, we're also channeling our roots to give homage to our collective influences, such as doing a Chris Cornell tribute and other songs that are an obvious nod to 60's surf rock, prog rock, and Nirvana-esque grunge pop.

The Perks

$5,000 is not nearly enough to cover all the expenses involved in making and promoting a new album, but it will definitely be a HUGE help to us. And if more $ comes in above our goal, we'll use it for the many recording-related expenses that the initial $5k won't cover. A lot of people don't realize what all is involved in the recording process, but recording, mastering, distribution, manufacturing, shipping, and promotion can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars! We're confident that enough people will place preorders to help us reach our financial goal, *BUT* whether we reach our goal or not, production of this EP has already begun and the record will be completed by the end of the year, allowing us to start post-production at the beginning of 2019, so there's no question that every single one of these orders will be shipped to you!

We tried to come up with some fun perks that would get people excited and involved with this new campaign, as well as give them the rare opportunity to get some cool, personal stuff from each of us in Rusty Shipp.


~Russ T. Shipp, AJ Newton, Elijah Apperson, Andrew "Speedy" Speed, & Joy Slaprez