Rusty Shipp

Mortal Ghost LP


Treading Water

I’m alone in this world, drifting like a lost ship at sea. The more I live the less I feel at home. Treading water just to keep from drowning. All creation ‘round me groans till the sea and all that’s in it is undone. Something’s nipping at my toes. Treading water till the angels come.



Hold Fast To Hope EP


Hackberry Tree

You will find me by the Hackberry Tree, sorting through my top priority.
I traded your soul in for a feeling, ‘cause spirit’s weak but flesh is willing.
Why do two lumps of flesh make me feel like this?
I used to not give a flip and it felt like bliss.


Sinking Scarabs


Drop me into the ocean and I will sink on down.
Let my faith test my devotion with water all around.
Sinking Scarabs in the ocean slowly drift away.
Cries drown out in the commotion of the crashing waves.