Rusty Shipp

Hold Fast To Hope EP

Hackberry Tree

You will find me by the Hackberry Tree, sorting through my top priority.
I traded your soul in for a feeling, ‘cause spirit’s weak but flesh is willing.

Why do two lumps of flesh make me feel like this?
I used to not give a flip and it felt like bliss.
Chains me down to the world, hides the child in you.
Keeps me from the ideal forms and the child in me too.

In my dream I saw a girl there smiling; I forgot she was so pretty.
I wonder if things could have gone differently, but life was too good to care about such things.

Your armpit turns me on; it’s an all-time low.
Don’t let it cover up your soul.

You’ll find me by the hackberry tree watching things unseen.
It’s moving like a mustard seed, piercing through the concrete.

If we want to be like the angels, we must become like a child.
We must live like the ones who are living in Heaven, before we can enter in the Kingdom.
Prechorus 3:
We could bring Heaven down, like it’s just begun.
Makes me pray so long I miss communion.

Let Go

I look across this cold, white room that’s closing in to seal my doom.
So many senseless fights, and sleepless nights that kept me from you.
the Reaper comes for me, but this can’t be my destiny.
O Son of God, won’t you save a place for me!

Let go! Let go of this addiction, in the end your sin it just causes friction.
Let go! Let go of this desire, you won’t get any higher, just burned by the fire.
Let go! Let go and be free. Break free to be what you were meant to be.
Let go! Let go before time flies by. You spent your time getting high, now it’s time for you to DIE/say bye bye!!!

Again your flesh has caught my eye, but still I hear that voice inside,
“It offers nothing to gain, and causes nothing but pain, until the day you die.”
But this time I realize there’s still a chance I might survive.
Close my eyes, turn around and come back to life.

You’re suffocated by tragedy, but that’s not the way it has to be.
Cry out to God before you’re left, wasted and bare.
But no, you like to choke on disaster, risk your life for the sake of going faster.
Won’t you just stop for a second and take a fresh breath of air?

Let it go!
Let’s go!

F-Words (You Don't Mind)

Brand new day, a brand new day to go and play outside again with all my friends.

On the playground we're not talking politics.
In my room, in my room I get to do whatever I want to.
But don't be lude. That was before access to porn on YouTube.

My room has no windows, the way my parents like it and I don’t mind.
It's all I've ever known, separates me from the war on the other side.

No job. No taxes. No sex. Just fun all the time with no ulterior motives.
Kurt, you grew the kids up way too fast. F-words in Nintendo, guns at recess.

I used to be so happy back when Christmas Eve felt like a whole week.
I wish that we could live forever in those fondest memories.
But I don't mind. I don't mind, no I'll be fine. It's just a matter of time.
It's part of life that you get sad some times and don't even know why.

Abortion and gays. Oh no, so that's what those are for.
My whole world is changed. I don't like it, no, don't wanna know no more!

You don't mind!

Davy Jones Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

I’m so thirsty. And all that I see.
Is water around me. That I can’t drink.
As I start to fade I can see ghastly light,
though on the horizon there’s nothing in sight.
When all of the sudden a ghost ship appears
with a crew of souls whose singing I hear:

I see the captain. He holds out his hand.
Says, “come ride with me and the souls of the damned.”
Then we sail away off to the world’s end
where the sea meets the sky and then we descend
down to Davy Jones’ Locker and darkness within.
King Neptune’s reign ends and Hades’ begins.

And I’m free. ‘Cause my God holds the key to Death and Hades.
Davy Jones ain’t got nothin’ on me!

Sirens of old, they lure men to death.
Leviathan plays in the depths.
The ghosts of the air and the victims beneath,
all pulling me down to the heart of the sea.
I’m sinking down to the roots of the mountains
and I see the ocean’s deep fountains.
But you’re even there and you still hear my prayer
to rescue my soul after drowning.

I don’t care what lurks in the sea
‘cause my soul is sealed for eternity.
So take my body and do as you please.
Yeah Davy Jones ain’t got nothin’ on me!

My God holds the keys to Death and Hades.
Davy Jones ain’t got nothin’ on me!