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"Devil Jonah" charted on Billboard, played on WAY LOUD, KGNZ-FM, WBFJ-FM, etc.

KGNZ At Night w/ Dustin Tatro

Tune in to the 16 minute mark to hear our debut!

The Antidote Podcast

Rusty Shipp wins Artist of the Year in 2018 JFH Awards

Rusty Shipp becomes the first independent artist to ever win Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, among three other awards, in the 2018 JFH Awards! Here's the full list of awards and nominees. 

JFH Podcast Episode 11 - 2018 JFH Award Winners

The JFH Podcast Crew reveals the winners of the reader voted JFH awards, including the five categories Rusty Shipp was nominated for: Best Album Art, Best Indie Band, Best Rock Album, Album of the Year, and Artist of the Year!

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They won them all!!!

JFH Podcast Episode 10

Russ T. hangs out with Mark and Chase from JFH and discusses his favorite record, dc Talk's "Jesus Freak"

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The Christian Rock 20

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Paul Gibson interviews Russ T. Shipp on how the band came to be nautically-themed and more!

JFH Podcast Episode 6

The JFH team discuss their top albums of 2017, including Rusty Shipp's Mortal Ghost at #2 overall

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Top 10 Albums of 2017

01.   Crooked, Propaganda 
02.   Mortal Ghost, Rusty Shipp 
03.   Mercury & Lightning, John Mark McMillan 
04.   The Storm Before The Calm, Death Therapy 
05.   The Beauty Between, Kings Kaleidoscope
06.   Work Songs: The Porter's Gate Worship Project Vol. 1, The Porter's Gate 
07.   Real Life, Aaron Sprinkle 
08.   Revival, Third Day 
09.   Only The Lonely, Colony House 
10.   Lifer, MercyMe

Decent Christian Talk Podcast

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JesusFreakHideout's staff writer Nicole Marie Vacca recently chatted with nautical rock and roll band Rusty Shipp's lead singer, Russ T. Shipp, about the challenges of creating a concept album, Mr. Shipp's love for dcTalk, the band's interesting connection to House of Heroes, and navigating the secular rock scene...

The James Whale Show

"Tip Of My Tongue" is the featured music on this episode. 

Pure Grain Audio

"The irony is that there's nothing rusty whatsoever about this ship. It's pretty much f*cking pristine. Sure, the music is beautifully grungy but any rust-related analogies end there. Nashville, Tennesse rockers Rusty Shipp are debuting the official music video for the song "Devil Jonah", and it rips!"

The Metal Review

"...Rusty Shipp have rocked this album right out of the park with their individual style/styles of extremely variable music. An album for quite literally anyone who enjoys good music."

102.9 The Buzz Nashville

Devil Jonah Featured on 102.9 The Buzz's 5 at 5


Nautical rock 'n' roll band Rusty Shipp completely intrigued me with their single "Sinking Scarabs" last year and have gone on to thoroughly impress me with their full-length album, Mortal Ghost...

Maximum Volume Music

Epic new grunge single precedes release of debut album Mortal Ghost on June 9th...

Gig Radar

When Tennessee rockers Rusty Shipp were introduced to us as a combination of Beatles-esque songwriting and riff-heavy rockier influences like Muse and Nirvana, you can forgive us for getting a little bit excited...

Vents Magazine

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been awesome, thanks! We’ve had a lot to take care of with this new single, and we’re just trying to keep up with all of that while preparing for our June 9th album release.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Devil Jonah”?

Yeah. Devil Jonah is an epic, heavy rock track with unconventional, driving, grunge feel running throughout. It’s one of our most atmospheric songs with a rich literary style that recounts the legendary origins of Davy Jones, the devil of the seas who was said to tempt evil sailors into the water and pull them down to hell...

Listen up mates! And we mean that in both nautical and British terms. Many thanks to Tony & Jay at from across the pond both for the interview and their very unique British twist on things.  Hear how each of the band members learned their craft, the first bands they were a part of (and their very creative names), how they write their songs and more. They discuss influences, combining them all to make something new and how to use music to deliver a message.


Rusty Shipp is a self-proclaimed "nautical rock'n'roll band" hailing from Nashville, TN. Their single "Sinking Scarabs" is an odd, but cool, blend of surf rock and punk rock with a little garage rock thrown in for good measure...

Nadeau Media

Today I spoke with Rusty and we talked about Rusty Shipp and it’s upcoming album release “Mortal Ghost.” They are really excited about it and can’t wait to get it out! Rusty said this is the best album they have put out yet!

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On this week's edition of Ryno's Radio Revolution you will hear my enjoyable and interesting conversation with Rusty, the frontman of the nautical rock band, Rusty Shipp. We talk about everything from music of The Beatles to Taylor Swift, Nickelback, astrophysics, and Tony Robbins. It's basically a podcast lol.

Invoke Delight and Inspire

Why Rusty Shipp Are The Most Exciting Band of 2016...

Are You Ready to Nautical Rock n’ Roll?! 

Jealous Sounds

When I lived in Key West, this following scenario often played out. You’re on the beach. The bonfire’s lit, the coolers are full, and the party favors are rolled and ready. What music do you play? If you mentally picture the term “Nautical Rock n roll”, images of everyone from Jimmy Buffett to The Beach Boys might pop up. A head-banging beach band might not be what you expect, but this is exactly what Rusty Shipp offers up...